Are you thinking about having a hair transplant? You’ve come to the right place! At the Nadal Hair Clinic you will find the ideal services and a professional team, always providing the client with the best service and the most effective methods and treatments on the market. Also, by placing your trust in the Nadal Hair Clinic you can rely on quality, professionality, approachability and safety, with no surprises! With a set price, no matter how many follicles you require. We perform an unlimited follicle implant, with as many as are necessary, so that your results are satisfactory and 100% natural.

Alopecia is a problem that affects a large part of the population and, it is true that many people live with it. We also know that there are others who would prefer to prevent their hair loss. That is why at our hair transplant clinic in Palma de Mallorca, we help you to find a solution for alopecia using the latest techniques and with the help of a great professional aesthetic medicine team. We want you to feel safe in our hands and for you to place your trust in our professional team when you are going to have a hair transplant in Mallorca.  At our clinic, client satisfaction is always our priority and we endeavour to offer the best services that you can find on the island.

We are aware that alopecia or baldness is a condition that affects a substantial part of the population, particularly middle-aged men, and that it tends to be an aesthetic concern for many of them. Hair loss may be temporary or permanent, depending on your case, and it is mostly determined by genetic factors, which is inevitable in many cases… but it is not irreparable! There are solutions for those who want to recover their youthful appearance after hair loss. There are many options for preventing hair loss, or for having hair grafts in Mallorca, and aesthetic medicine offers an increasing number of techniques to provide a solution for every specific case of alopecia.

At the Nadal Hair Clinic you will find an extensive range of options, whether to prevent hair loss through specialist treatments, such as having a hair graft in Mallorca, as well as all the hair graft aftercare to ensure the best long-term results post-treatment.   We want happy patients, and we have them! An increasing number of people are endorsing us, and we are increasingly proud of this fact.


How to avoid hair loss

At the Nadal Hair Clinic we are here to help you and to improve your appearance at any time you wish. If the appearance of your hair is concerning you, we will tell you everything you should know about how to prevent hair loss below. Keep reading to find out more!

Firstly, you should keep in mind that hair loss is not the same as alopecia. Hair falls out continuously at the same time as new hair emerges and grows, which is part of the normal life cycle of the follicle. When this cycle is disrupted, or the lost hair is not recovered, we experience baldness, which is defined as excessive loss of hair from the scalp.

In general, there are many causes for hair loss, although the most determining factors for developing alopecia tend to be genetic or age-related. At other times, stress or hormonal changes may affect this condition. But whatever the cause, it is treatable if the technology and required knowledge are available.  

At the Nadal Hair Clinic, we perform hair transplants in Mallorca using a highly-qualified team who offer you their knowledge and experience. We offer all types of hair treatments, for men and women, as well as treatments that may help to slow down or prevent hair loss in many people, so that you can feel comfortable with your appearance. We want you to see yourself looking better than ever!

Hair transplant in Mallorca

If you are looking to have a hair transplant in Mallorca, don’t hesitate any longer. At the Nadal Hair Clinic, we are here to help you. For those types of alopecia that require surgical treatment, the most commonly-used technique is the follicle micrograft hair transplant which ensures optimum and natural-looking results. Medical advances mean that the result is no different to natural hair and the surgery is minimally invasive, so there is no need to be worried. Your result will be in keeping with you, your age and it will look completely natural.

A hair transplant in Mallorca does not require a hospital stay, it is carried out using local anaesthesia in the area being treated and the patient can continue with their normal life after a few days. Lastly, the final result is visible approximately twelve months after the operation, so this won’t mean a drastic change in appearance from one day to the next, but the patient will begin to notice a gradual improvement in their hair. For many, this is an easy choice that allows them to improve their appearance effectively and naturally.

Hair transplant for women

It’s not just men that suffer from alopecia. Many women are also concerned about their lack of hair thickness and a hair transplant for women is also a technique that we use on some occasions, always offering a natural finish.  Although less common in women, there are cases in which, at a certain age, they suffer hair loss, often in less quantities than men.

The majority of cases are easy to resolve with specific treatments that prevent hair loss and promote growth without having to resort to surgery. At the Nadal Hair Clinic, we also offer women’s hair transplant treatments to prevent hair loss and improve hair thickness without having to resort to surgery.

At our centre, we perform treatments such as capillary biostimulation, which consists of injecting platelet-rich plasma from the patient to improve hair density. This promotes new hair growth and increases the thickness of the patient’s hair.  This is a very effective treatment and does not require prior tests, so it is a very good choice in specific cases.

Alternatively, capillary mesotherapy is also very effective for people who want to treat and prevent hair loss in an effective and simple way. It consists of injecting substances that promote a healthy follicle and scalp, and they can prevent loss of hair thickness and halt hair loss to a degree. This treatment is also suitable for patients that have already had a hair transplant in Mallorca.

Hair transplant prices

We are aware that, for many people, the price is one of the most important things to ask about before having a hair transplant. If you are looking to have a hair transplant in Palma de Mallorca, at the Nadal Hair Clinic, we will advise you about everything you need, we will study your case and recommend the treatment that best suits your condition and requirements, as well as agreeing a budget so that you are aware of the price of the hair transplant at all times.

For many, a hair transplant in Mallorca is an investment that will help to improve a person’s physical appearance and will make them feel better about themselves. At our centre, we highly recommend having a hair transplant in Mallorca, as the results are visible from day one and in the long-term, and they will greatly help to improve your appearance. The price of a hair transplant in Mallorca need not be a problem, as the Nadal Hair Clinic offers you the best choices at competitive prices to help you change the way you see yourself and so that you can begin to feel better about your appearance.

We work tirelessly to make our patients’ lives easier, and so that the economic aspects do not pose a problem when deciding about something as important as having a hair transplant or any hair treatment. Being happy with how you see yourself is important. We know that and we want to make it easy for you.

For this reason, if you decide to have a hair transplant procedure in Mallorca, or any other treatment at the Nadal Hair Clinic, you have the opportunity to finance your treatment interest-free for up to 48 months!  Feeling well is priceless, don’t you think?

We are here to help you and advise you on whatever you need. So don’t hesitate any longer. Ask us without any obligation. Our team will be delighted to assist you!